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Generic Chit Fund Software is six different types. It is for Chit fund software, online chit fund software, Mobile Application software, Open Chitfund, Fixed Chitfund,Percentage Based Chitfund

Chit Fund Software

Generic Chit Fund Software is Windows based application. It is used localnetwork & Single Branch use only.

Online Chit Fund Software

Generic Online Chit Fund Software is Cloud based working.It is connected more than one branches details.

Mobile Application Software

Generic online chit Mobile App Software is Online based working.Any location,any time customer see the payment details.

Open Chit Fund Software

Generic Open chit fund software is conducted the auction in every month in company, customer asking the higher bid amount.

Fixed Chit Fund Software

Generic Fixed chit fund software is company set the payment chat for every month. Customer choose the payment option for our convenient month.

Percentage Based Software

Generic Percentage software is used for one group, one ticket, and more customer joining in one ticket number it is for percentage process .

Generic Chit Fund Software Cloud Server


Generic chit fund software can work all type of application, like Desktop application, web application, android application, these appliation are working from cloud server.

Cloud server is providing best performance to all ERP Software , now a days cloud server is giving boost to all customer forward to online software. because cloud server is providing more secure, reliable, online error free and best performance. Cloud Server are giving more satisfaction to customer. reason is their business is going well in all type of application.

Generic chit fund software providing a cloud server. cloud server can manage multiple branch in chit company, chit company can able to satisfied their customer. chit customer can able to view their receipt, payment, Prized money from their mobile. if customer got more facility, profit from chit company, customer can long life being attached in chit company.

Generic Chit Fund Accounting Management Software



Generic chit fund software providing auditing oriented accounting statement, chit company are fully finance oriented process,

Chit Company need a more accuracy and perfection in accounting system in each ledger, generic chit software can fulfill your accounting oriented needs.

Generic Chit fund accounting Management software is computer program you can able to manage your chit transaction. Some software design is manage the simple accounting system.

Chit fund software modules can manage your chit oriented all business transaction. using generic chit accounting software helps chit company to use resources in their accounting department perfectly, and you can reduce the huge accounts oriented paper works.

Chit Software can provide you to accuracy, automation ( just enter your daily chit fund accounting transaction, software can create the all ledger statement), error free (avoid duplicate accounts records), comparability, perfect accounts reports, A long time stability.

Online Chit android app using chit company admin can manage chit accounts transaction from anywhere in india. Generic chit fund accounting software providing a simple way of solution to chit oriented complex accounts

Chit Fund Management Software free download

Chit fund software excel modules download

Software for Chit Fund Company

Generic chit fund software is the best software for chit company, we have online and offline (Desktop) software with mobile app, Software can work from cloud server, Cloud server are providing best performance at all time,

Generic chit fund software have more accounts oriented modules, chit fund company can easy deal with complex chit accounts using this software, Generic chit software company have more 20+ years of experience in chit fund field.

Software have 200+ reports, you can get all accounts, members, collectors, agent orientated reports. Generic chit fund android app can manage customers, collectors and agent needs. More Details contact our Team- Mobile - 9788037825, 8098129659

Generic Chit Fund Software

Generic chit fund software is easy to use, user friendly.We are provide Windows , Web, Android application software. In this online software are cloud based working. Generic chit fund software is more reliability, cost effective, error free, secure database. Customer can access the software any time, any places, any location see the details. Customers or subscriber see the details through app , our next payment details, paid details. Generic chit fund software have more advance options like that

SMS Integration
Terminal Machine Integration
Android App Integration
100+ Reports
In this Reports are maintain to all chit activities office work maintaining.Write no paper work A-Z systematize work.

Chit Fund Accounting Software Free Download

Generic chit fund accounting software free download Chit Company providing to Customer Service, Customer Expecting more facility from chit company, In old format chit company accounting work not have many more facility. here now Generic chit software provide to chit company many facility, SMS, Intimation Card, Billing Machine, Android Apps, Ledger Reports and etc

Chit Fund Software Open Source

open source chit fund software people can share and modify the chit software, people can access publicly accessible. open source software can software code can inspect, modify and enhance.

program who have access to the computer program source code can improve that program, that adding the feature of the software. software fixing parts that can do not work correctly.

some type software a company, person created it, and modify and maintain the code, here free open source code is initially developed for some purpose, and then depends upon the persons need, it can be extend the source code. after that extended version is useful, that can be added version of new open source,

open source software mainly useful for all of us, software source code for learning purpose and extended added features. if you are learner or students can feel free make call for chit fund source code

Chit Fund Software in Tally

Tally software company is leading accounting software in India. All the company are accounting purpose mainly used for tally
software, Tally is the super and simple, easy to understand every one,Accounting are equal to tally in India, Students
are mainly learning the tally instated of accounts. Tally is the most pioneer in accounting software company in India.

Here Generic chit fund software are fully chit oriented accounts. chit fund company is the fully money oriented complex
accounts system. Chit fund company customer ledger, customer outstanding accounts are most important.

Chit fund software in tally are useful for auditing work. At the year end every one want to submit the tax file
Auditing work every one doing the using tally, because tally software is simple to use, easy to understand every business

Generic chit software all ledger accounts are automatically export to tally, Chit company are simply complete their
auditing work using generic chit fund software.

Online Chit Fund Software Free Download

Generic chit fund software provide more facilities, Cloud server software provide to chit company more facilities. Software have more reliable, Secure,
error free, Constant Performance any time, available at anywhere.

Cloud server can access Desktop application, ERP Online Application, Mobile Application. Software support to all type of application. software provide a
SMS, Terminal Collection Machine, Intimation Card, Android app for customer, agent and admin .

Generic chit fund software provide accuracy statement to customer, Software have more accountability. Automatically provide all audit purpose statement on
every year, software maintain a customer history of life time. Chit company can judge the every customer in simple way of chit history report.

Chit Fund Management Software Download

Generic chit fund software is the best software for chit fund companies. Generic chit fund software is easy to use, it is 100% suitable for all types of
chit fund activites . Generic chit software is save Money, time , Manpower work etc..We are specialized the chit fund software field. We are have offline
software, online software, Our team members worked in this projects more than 20 years.

Software is a unique solution for small and medium size business. The features perfectly match the business requirements of any
Chits Service providers or Chit Fund businesses. Generic chit fund software is also helpful for windows,web,mobile based software application .
Windows application called offline software, it is used for single branch only. We take pride in rendering good and protective services to small, medium
industries for more than 20 years

Generic chit fund software is best solution for your chit company, we are provide offline chit fund software, online chit fund software. Our software have
more advance options like that SMS Integration, Terminal machine collection integration, Android app Integration. Android app work in 3 types. 1) Admin
Login 2) Collector Login, 3) Customer Login.

1) Admin module details:
Admin members can view the all the details to see day by day.
2) Collector module details:
Collection Executive person see the customer arrears details, collection amount, make the Receipt etc..
3) Customer module details:
Customers Login our account details and can see the our paid amount, pending amount see that.

Chit Fund ERP Software

ERP is an enterprise system or Enterprise resource Planning, ERP software main thing fully automate the system in every organization process. In Large Organization have more Sectors, Each Sectors have Multiple Level, System can integrate the Each and every things, ERP is multiple organization Resource are collected join to the one main system.

Generic chit fund software ERP is integrate the chit oriented all process. Generic software provide a better solution to the organization chit work.
chit company have multiple branches, each and every branches works maintain a humans. humans are not providing accuracy every time, humans not provide better speed, they are spending the more time in each and every section.

ERP two tier System. Front End, Back End system. Front End software maintain the all script and design related work, Back End maintain the data's, Connection, Network Fluctuation. and Procedure code.

Generic chit fund software have middle level ERP, Large Level ERP, Software can Support all type of Organization. Software can utilize the organization Resources full fledged. Generic chit fund software provide better accounting solution to your chit company.

Chit Fund Software Download

Generic chit fund software have now Enhanced Features, Software added Facility provide a more flexibility to customers, chit software have bulk SMS, chit fund android mobile app, Intimation card, Auction Related Work,(like Reports, SMS, Online Auction Conference).

Chit fund software much easier to use any one, You have basic computer knowledge software is simple to handle the chit accounts. Chit accounts are money oriented Finance Sector, Here Accounts section is most important for accuracy maintenance.

Chit group customer are paying the due amount, receiving the prized money, Collectors getting the incentive amount, Agent are getting the incentive amount for introduced customer.

Chit company have more expenses. generic chit software are wants to maintain the daily spending ledger Statement, Software are fully automatic system to generate the accounts ledger, generic chit software have more than 200+ Reports, this reports provide better solution to chit related accounts.
you can download power point, screen shots about modules, chit database, and then sample demo source code.

Chit Fund Accounting Management Software

Generic Chit fund software is Cloud Server based online software, Chit company can maintain multiple branch in single place. Software are support desktop, mobile and tablet. Chit fund software have more features like - Bulk SMS, Intimation Card, Android Apps, Terminal Machine (Softland, Balaji, Visiontek)

Chit fund software have more than 200+ Reports. Reports are showing clear statement of Chit company accounts. Chit company accounts are more complicated, because daily entries are fully money oriented transaction. A single transaction mistake is creating a huge loss of company,

Generic chit softwarecan simply the work of Chit Company Accounts. Software are fully automated system. Software are explain to you what is happening in chit company, you can easy to understand about each and every transaction in specific time period.

Accuracy statement of accounts can make a better growth of chit company. we have more 20+ experience in chit domain. we can explain you how to create chit fund software. Generic Chit fund software you can use it and get benefit from the software features.

Chit Fund Software

Generic Chit Fund software is a web based application for Chit Fund Companies. Provide secured online
access to it members. Members can see next chit due information,auction prized money about chit group, amount to be paid along with chit group details etc.

It comprises of all the essential facilities and features which required to streamline your chit fund activities.
Generic Chit Fund software is perfect and easy to use. A person having basic system knowledge can understand
this software in very less Time. Generic chit software is designed to computerized the work of the chit fund that is being
organized by the person who conducts that chit. This Generic chit software computerized all the chit fund activities that are being carried out
by the chits. As a whole this is perfect for all company those conduct chit fund management.

Generic chit fund software understand your need of having a Software that can efficiently manage your chit activities.
generic chit Fully web based
Member authentication
Admin authentication
Agent authentication
Bulk SMS alerts
Email alerts system
PHP based application
Multi branch Support software
Mobile Android chit App available for Members

Chit Fund Software Online

Chit fund concept is basically a type of saving method with interest. Saving money will be return with interest with
out any hard work, money will be make the assets, money will be work for you, money is need for all people,
you can provide the money to other through chit management.

That chit money will be return to you with high interest of rate than bank interest. money will be surly return to you
that guaranteed are given the chit company. chit money management is a field that deals with the allocation of assets.
chit management can also be defined as money management.

chit fund aims to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return.Generic software is engaged in offering the chit Software with high quality to our esteemed Clients.

This software is used to track member details along with their ID proofs, tracking the chits of every month and
generating the chit receipts, tracking the transaction is very easy and secure. Generic chit software has designed this software to
computerized the work of the chit management that is being organized by the person who conducts that chit.

Generic chit software sure about the Service that we provide Standardized Execution Process, Output of Solid Quality, Reliable,
Stable and Flexible

Chit Fund Software Demo

Generic Chit fund software Finance management for chit fund company. The Generic chit software is provided online and can
serve multiple branches with a separate account for administration and can access from anywhere. Stores data on the MySQL
back end and provides the following facilities and features:
Generic chit Associates / Agents Management (From 1 to 12 Rank)
Policy Certificate Management chit software
Policy Certificate Receipt Management
Modules for Managing Policy Commission Structure
chit Commission Distribution
Day Closing Feature
chit software Day Book
Expense Vouchers and Balance Transfer Between Branches accounts
Chit Fund Software in Mumbai
Chit Fund Software in Chennai
Chit Fund Software in Coimbatore
Chit Fund Software in Bangalore
Chit Fund Software in Hydrabad
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